About Me


My Background


With 15 years of study and painting in the Atelier, I have learned a great deal from a principal master in the production of fine art. The Atelier tradition stems from the Renaissance masters. Students and apprentices worked together under the supervision of the master to be able to produce fine pieces of art work. It is this tradition that I wish to reacquaint the general public with. 



My intent is to have a “renaissance” of realism in my paintings.  There are so many new and innovative techniques that artists use today, however, these new art techniques, as I have discovered, have their roots from the classics. I find it refreshing to bring back the charm of old world realism to the modern eclectic tastes. Since my studies in the Atelier, it has enabled me to experiment with a wide range of styles and inspired me to become more creative in my compositions and choice of themes. I prefer to paint in oil because it allows me a wider variety of pigments and transparency that allow for richer and more vivid colors in my paintings.  The underpainting is the first step in my process, then the paint is slowly built up layer by layer. By doing the underpainting, I find it gives more depth. 


My Inspiration

I find painting portraits fascinating. The faces of my subjects are so intriguing to paint as they are a rich living canvas that tells so much about the stories of their lives  and personalities. Also, I enjoy painting landscapes. The colors and textures of nature afford me an endless supply of beauty in my work.